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Business Model Benchmarking


the level of BMI Maturity, both in terms of Organisational and Innovation Readiness


the areas that require Business Model Innovation, the benefits, and the timing criteria   


the environment, understand how disruption and convergence are affecting your markets


Insights & initiatives in a systematic and purposeful manner, that bring real value to the organisation 

Business Benchmarking…
Measuring BMI Maturity

Business Model Innovation Maturity is a key metric in benchmarking the organisation’s BMI capability. We do this against three key dimensions, the level of business exploration, the alignment of core and new business streams, and the pervasiveness of habitual innovation across in the business. 


The level of BMI maturity is intrinsically linked to the Organisation Readiness and Innovation Readiness at a project, business, and enterprise level.

Would you like to learn more about benchmarking your Business Model Innovation Maturity? 

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